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Services Offered

Honnaman Automotive uses genuine Honda parts for all services.

Oil Changes
Brake work
Engine work
A/C Service
Cooling Systems
Electrical Repairs
Emissions Systems
Computer Diagnostics
Drivability Complaints
Tire rotation
and much more…

The experience and skill of our technicians and the quality of our parts – that’s how we’re able to offer a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on all work.


We believe in investing in preventative maintenance. That’s why we offer all the scheduled maintenance visits called for in your Owner’s Manual, and meet all the maintenance and safety requirements suggested by Honda for your particular model.

Too often, repair shops and dealerships recommend costly maintenance that isn’t necessary or Honda-approved. It’s our firm belief that since Honda engineered your vehicle, they know best how to maintain it. That’s why we use Honda checklists for all maintenance and services we do. It allows us to track wear, plan for replacement of brakes, tires, belts, etc. and maximize the life of your car.

This keeps your car running the way it was designed to, protects you from roadside breakdowns, and saves you money long-term.


When possible, we’ll want to inspect and test-drive your car so we can accurately diagnose the problem before quoting prices or suggesting repairs over the phone.

You’ll then receive a full explanation of the needed repairs, an honest estimate, and our professional opinion on whether the repair can wait or is needed immediately.

We offer competitive prices to help you afford the repairs you need. To keep your car running safely and reliably, Honnaman Automotive only uses genuine Honda parts and offers a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on all repairs.


If your car is at least 7 years old or has over 105,000 miles, you may be past due for a timing belt replacement. All belts are subject to dry rotting and the normal wear and tear that comes with age and mileage. The timing belt keeps your engine’s camshaft in proper position with your crankshaft, and is often responsible for turning other components like the water pump and oil pump. If the timing belt breaks while the engine is running, it can cause serious engine damage if the pistons come into contact with the intake or exhaust valves.

Avoid breakdowns that leave you stranded on the road, paying for a tow and costly repairs by replacing your timing belt regularly.

Many repair shops and dealerships will quote a very low price for a timing belt job, and then pile on a lot of needless extras once they get the hood up. Honnaman Automotive offers a complete timing belt package that gives you everything you need, nothing you don't. For a 4-cylinder Honda Accord, for example, we replace the timing belt, balancer shaft belt, all outside drive belts, water pump, coolant, crankshaft seal, camshaft seal, balancer shaft seal and retainer and the valve cover gasket. We do this because if any one of those items fails, it can destroy your new timing belt.


In our experience, most after-market brake pads just aren't up to snuff. They squeal and create excessive dust that makes your wheels look dirty. None of these problems occur with genuine Honda replacement brake pads. You’ll have quiet, long-lasting brakes.

At Honnaman Automotive, we also use the Honda-recommended method for machining rotors. Some shops use a brake lathe that requires removing the rotors from the vehicle for machining. We use a brake lathe that machines the rotors while they’re still on your car. Honda even recommends machining brand-new rotors to ensure they’re correctly matched to the vehicle – and we agree.


We use only genuine Honda replacement exhaust parts because they offer superior fit, finish, noise levels and durability. Honda also offers a lifetime warranty on all exhaust pipes and mufflers. For these two reasons alone, it's a better value than anything offered by a discount muffler shop.